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Empower women of Pakistan with literacy skills

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Teaching a Pakistani woman to read impacts not only her but her whole family and community as many women transfer their skills to those around them. This is why the Bible Society is working on providing literacy skills to Christian women in Pakistan, especially those living in rural areas.

Through providing literacy skills, we give these women the opportunity to read the Scriptures for their own personal growth, and also contribute to the building and development of their families. With your help, the Bible Society can provide Scripture portions for new readers while also making them available following the completion of the literacy courses.

“Then your light will shine out from the darkness, and the darkness around you will be as bright as noon.” (Isaiah 58.10, NLT)

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Three out of five women in Pakistan cannot read or write. It’s one of the worst literacy rates in the world for women. For Christians, being unable to read means they don’t have direct access to the words of the Bible, so central to our faith.

With your help, thousands of women will join our literacy classes.

Because women are central to the family in Pakistani culture, for every woman who learns to read and receives Scripture an average of six additional people will be reached with God’s Word! This effect has been endearingly referred to as the “Beacon of Light” effect as these women shine God’s light through their families and communities once they’ve learned to read and write, creating a wonderful ripple effect.

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