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Partnering with God

For Greg and Kaye, the Bible became a very important part of their life at an early age.  Love for the Bible led to further involvement and more than a decade ago they started supporting the ‘Bible a Month’ program. They also use the Bible reading and prayer guides in Sower, keeping notes on key thoughts every day.

Greg says, “Updating your Will makes you think about your priorities and we are blessed to be a blessing so you want to pass it on.” After reflecting on their family’s needs, Greg and Kaye wanted to support something that has been ongoing in getting the word of God out around the world and they liked the idea of “bequests helping to generate income for Bible Society’s mission.”


Getting the word out

When Pat, and her husband, Charles, were thinking through their Will some years ago, they chose to include gifts for several charities, including Bible Society. Bible Society was high on the list “because of the focus on Bible translation, publishing and distribution in so many languages.”

If you are thinking through the idea of including a gift in your Will for Bible Society, Pat’s encouragement is, “You’ll be helping people get the Scriptures in a way they can understand and learn more of God and His Son, Jesus Christ.”

Sharing hope

Having grown up in a church with a strong focus on overseas missions, brothers Warwick and Arthur Connor were always drawn towards supporting missions. This is why Warwick, who never married, left generous bequests to Bible Society Australia and give other charities in his will.

Because Warwick died quickly after a short illness, he was not able to specify how he would like the beneficiaries to spend the gifts. After deliberation, his brother Arthur decided to steer Warwick’s gift into our Remote and Indigenous Ministry projects to facilitate Indigenous language work.

“All the work is commendable. However, given the number of Australian Indigenous people who speak traditional languages, I’m sure he would be most ‘chuffed’ if funds were able to be put toward translating the Bible into an Australian Indigenous language,” Arthur said.

See the Impact

In the last decade, a bequest helped to pay for Bible delivery vans in China. Neville was passionate about China and wanted to help get Bibles from the print room into the hands of local people. He helped to fund several delivery vans during his lifetime and then left a bequest that provided another two vans through his Will.

“Our Mob – God’s Story” showcases the talents of Christian artists from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. This beautiful book was established when Glenn, the administrator of Mrs Kath Carrigan’s estate, was given a substantial gift for his work. That gift inspired Glenn to create a memorial to his client’s Christian faith. Profits from book sales go towards publishing future Bible translations, which is a fabulous outcome from a gift that essentially keeps on giving.

Another bequest made provision to supply the Gospel of Luke for outreach in Australia. In an amazing tale about God’s provision, Lawrie made out his Will in the mid 2000’s. When Lawrie passed away in 2017 Bible Society had just published 10,000 copies of Luke’s Gospel for use as an evangelistic tool. Imagine our amazement and gratitude that this bequest gift was prepared some 10 years prior to it being needed, and was received right at the time the Gospels were printed!

For Solicitors

Suggested wording your client(s) may use to include Bible Society in their Will

Please note: supporters may wish to direct their bequest towards specific programs or projects of their choice. However, we do not recommend directing bequests towards specific projects or particular program locations as these may be completed before the gift is realized.

“I ( name ), give to Bible Society Australia, ABN 85 214 424 729, for its general purposes, free of all duties, the following:

» % of my estate
» The residual of my estate
» The sum of $
» Life Insurance Policy Number
» Property (details)
» Other (details)

And I direct that the receipt of the Chief Executive Officer or other proper officer of the Bible Society Australia shall be sufficient discharge to the executor(s) of my estate.”

Bible Society Australia address information:

Head Office:
Level 23, 100 Miller Street, North Sydney,
NSW 2060 Ph. 1300 242 537

GPO Box 4161, Sydney, NSW 2001

Frequently Asked Questions

Planning our Will is one of the most important and personal decisions we may make. And it is vital that all matters are thought through carefully along with relevant information to help in the decision-making process. Here are some of the questions about bequests that come up the most in our conversations with Bible Society supporters.

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