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Give a Bible, Change a Life

Together we can make a world of difference.

We are passionate about the Bible because it has the power to impact lives both now and for eternity. But it is your generosity that fuels our mission. Together, we can make a world of difference. By committing to give to Bible Society’s work on a regular basis you help make it easier for us to plan ahead, use our resources more effectively, and expand our reach with God’s word.

Here are the ways you can partner with us on an ongoing basis.


Regular giving

Bible a Month is a regular gift-giving programme that allows you to aid the translation, production, distribution and subsidising of Bibles across the world.

For as little as $11 a month, you can place a Bible into the hands of a believer or open the way for those who don’t know Jesus to engage with God’s word.

Along with our promise to use your gifts wisely, we will also keep you up-to-date with the impact of your partnership. Twice a year, we will send you a newsletter containing stories about the difference your giving is making around the world. Download the latest issue here.

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Dag Smemo for Bible Society

Bible A Month Testimony

“I’m already so poor, I have nothing left. Jesus is all I’ve got.”

Wang Handong spoke these words when his heart softened towards the gospel.

Wang had been a stubborn atheist who refused to read the Bible, but he finally relented and began to open up God’s word. “…My spiritual eyes began to open,” Wang says.

“I became more and more interested in this Bible. God’s word began speaking to me through the Holy Spirit, which gave me understanding.”

Now Wang is a lay preacher at a church in Wuhan in Central China, with a passion for giving away Bibles to people who don’t know Christ. Wang gave Bibles to his father and brother, and now they are believers too.

The deep poverty Wang described is all too common in China, especially in rural areas. An estimated 200 million people live below the poverty line, with 128 million people living on less than US$1 a day.

As the number of Christians in China grows so too does the need for Bibles. God’s word provides wisdom for daily life. Having access to Scripture is also crucial for recognising false teaching, which is a problem for the church in China.

But few Chinese Christians can afford to buy a Bible for themselves, let alone buy a spare one to give away.

Your gift of $11 each month will provide Bibles at an affordable price in China and beyond.


Tax-deductible regular giving

Literacy for Life enables you to support Scripture-based literacy classes across the world. These programmes are conducted by overseas Bible Societies working with local churches, and allow participants to receive the double blessing of learning how to read and write while also receiving the message of the Bible. Your monthly pledge of $20 or more to Literacy for Life is tax deductible.

Along with our promise to use your gifts wisely, we will also keep you up-to-date with the impact of your partnership. Twice a year, we will send you a newsletter containing stories about the difference your giving is making around the world. Download the latest issue here.


Literacy For Life Testimony

All Sun wanted to do was to write his own name. But he has received much more.

Sun is a field labourer in Preah Vihear, one of Cambodia’s poorest provinces. He grew up under the Khmer Rouge so he never went to school.

Sun’s life is a grinding hand-to-mouth existence and like so many of his neighbours, he took up drinking to deaden the pain of a hard day’s labour.

When Bible Society started a literacy class in his village, his son joined and it sparked something in Sun too. He remembered his desire to be able to write his name. So he sat in on his son’s class. And he learned to read.

Now Sun can read so much more than his name. Bible Society’s literacy classes use Bible-based resources to teach. While learning his alphabet, Sun became interested in the Bible stories. He started going to church. He stopped drinking so much.

“I know what my name says in Khmer,” Sun says. “But more important than that, I now know that God loves me.”

Your gift of $20 each month is tax deductible, and will help transform more lives like Sun’s around the world.

What you'll receive

Along with our promise to use your gifts wisely and bi-monthly newsletter, four times a year, we’ll send you Sower - our quarterly supporters’ magazine - which takes you deeper into our mission work worldwide, and into the lives you are helping to change. Download the latest issue here.

We’ll also send you an annual statement of your giving (and for Literacy For Life, you’ll receive a tax receipt at the end of the financial year for you to claim a tax deduction.)

We’ll help you set up a regular payment instruction – through your credit card, direct debit from your bank,BPay or through cheque payment, if you prefer. Just set it up, and then leave it to us to put your generous gift to great use around the world.

If you’ve got questions about regular giving, we’d love to answer them. Call us on 1300 BIBLES (1300 242 537) or email

Like to sign up as a church? Email us and we’ll get back to you with details

Download the Direct Debit Request Service Agreement here.

Download the Credit Card Direct Debit Request Service Agreement here.

Our vision is to see all people engaged with the Bible in a language they can understand, in a format they can use, and at a price they can afford.

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