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Change lives through our regular giving program (Tax Deductible)

Your regular, tax-deductible gift will empower Bible Society’s mission to impact and influence Australia and the World by Opening The Bible to all people everywhere by all means possible.

Through teaching literacy through the Bible, supporting Indigenous communities to access God’s word in their language and more – you can change lives!

Please partner with us to Open The Bible to all people everywhere.

If you would like to support other projects such as refugees who are waiting for our scripture and aid packs or women are waiting for our Bible-based trauma healing programmes then please visit our Non-tax Deductible BIBLE FOR LIFE form.

Non-tax-deductible donations will give us the greatest flexibility to send your donation to where it’s needed most.

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God’s word empowers. We hear God’s call on our life through the Bible. We fall in love with Jesus as we read the Bible.

Many people are deprived of the power and wonder of the Bible. Perhaps they cannot read. Maybe God’s word is not available in their heart language. Or there are no Bibles available in their region.

Through your regular donation to Bible for Life, you can help people like Azra, who learned to read and write through literacy classes run by Bible Society Pakistan. “Now we read the New Testament and pray every day as a family before we go to sleep,” Azra says.

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