Audio literacy

Literacy programmes for marginalised people in Laos

The Bible Society is providing reading skills to those who are illiterate throughout Laos through an audio-literacy program. It will give those who cannot read the opportunity to learn how to read for themselves, as well as the skills to read the Scriptures for personal growth. This, in turn, will allow them to better contribute to the development of their communities.

Bible Society needs hundreds more of these special Listen and Learn MP3 players for use in Laos. With a wealth of teaching inside, they’re a kind of mobile missionary and teacher all in one. These audio devices not only teach literacy using Scripture-based materials but help remote ethnic minorities learn vital life skills. And, best of all, listeners can hear the Good Book spoken in their heart language.

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In Laos, a Bible Society pilot program has been running since 2015. Volunteer teachers from local churches follow the Cambodian model using the Bible as one of their texts. Teachers use MP3 recordings of lessons along with a textbook. An estimated 1500 people will benefit per year. Laos may be ranked as the 29th hungriest nation in the world but at the moment its hunger to know God seems limitless, with churches flourishing despite being under watch and required to register with the government. Pray for Laos as they encounter God in the scriptures.

Literacy programmes are opening the floodgates to faith. But to expand, new workshop facilitators need to be trained and course material written, revised, recorded and printed (along with more Bibles).

At this point Bible Society is the only official Bible exporter to Laos. Yet this new work could be closed at any moment. 

Will you give much needed support while the doors remain open?

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Audio literacy

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