God's word for children

Help tell children that Jesus loves them.

Through the Bible, Bible resources and Scripture-based programs, your donation will help connect children here in Australia and overseas with the message of Jesus in ways they can understand.

Children in Australia and in countries such as South Africa, Nicaragua, Syria and Lebanon will learn that Jesus cares for them.

Will you help children around the world connect with God’s word?

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At an extremely difficult time in his young life, Lucas* also discovered the message of Jesus’ love. At ten years old Lucas found himself in crisis foster care, away from his family and everyone he knew. Understandably he felt extremely unsettled and anxious. While preparing for bed, negative feelings overwhelmed Lucas and he would lash out in anger and violence. Rachael, the chaplain caring for Lucas, discovered he loved reading and gave him one of the Bible Comics provided by Bible Society. As Rachael began reading through the Bible with Lucas at bedtime it had a deep impact.

“He absolutely LOVED this time,” Rachael explains, “and would hurry to finish his bedtime routine so he could get to bed for Bible reading. He was always calmer and settled during these times. When other staff were on duty, he would insist that they continue to read the Bible to him at bedtime. He was reading the Bible Comics from cover to cover several times a week.”

*Name changed for privacy reasons

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God's word for children

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