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BIBLE FOR LIFE includes you as a vital part of our mission to translate, distribute, subsidise and engage people with the Bible. Your regular donation helps us plan for long-term, life-changing projects across the world.

That includes the world’s trouble spots, where refugees are waiting for our scripture and aid packs, women are waiting for our Bible-based trauma healing programmes and small minority groups are waiting for even a small amount of scripture in their heart language.

Your support will also enable us to advocate for the good book in public places, like in the media. By choosing non-tax-deductible giving, you give us the greatest flexibility to send your donation to where it’s needed most.

Looking for the Tax Deductible BIBLE FOR LIFE regular giving page? Then follow this link.

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If the appeal is oversubscribed or the project changes due to unforeseen reasons, we will reallocate remaining funds to similar projects.

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