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Bible Society’s Monthly Prayer Letter

Your prayer support undergirds our Bible mission work in Australia and around the world. Through our monthly prayer letter we keep you updated on prayer and praise points, received from Bible Societies on the ground.

This month, please join us in praying for our work to translate and distribute God’s word. Your support and prayers are achieving amazing things, making God’s word available for people in their heart languages. Together, we are putting God’s message of love in people’s hands, eyes and ears.

According to the United Bible Societies, there are 5.7 billion people who have Bible translations in their language. There are 1.5 billion people still waiting for Bible translations, and there are 400 translation projects underway right now. In Iraq, Nicaragua, South Africa, Suriname, Zimbabwe and China, Bible Society is working to distribute Bibles to those who need the message of God’s hope. In Vietnam and our own country, translators are working hard to put the good news of God’s saving love into the heart languages of those who desperately need him.

Please join us in praying for some of these projects this month:

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