Healing for the traumatised

Bring Bible-based trauma healing to war-ravaged Syrians.

There is hardly a person in Syria who has not been traumatised by the constant war. Nearly all have lost at least one friend or family member. Many have been numbed by grief and pain. It was this numbed reaction that led Bible Society to develop a plan with Syrian churches to help locals overcome their trauma.

Today there are many trauma healing classes up and running but more are needed as instability in the region continues. Will you rebuild lives through this trauma healing program in Syria?

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Trauma experts have been engaged to train volunteers in Bible-based trauma healing. Each newly-trained person ministers to broken families: listening to them, sharing God’s word with them, helping them talk about their experiences. They’ve seen amazing things happen, as relationships are repaired and people who’ve become mute through shock learn to speak and smile again.

Will you help us share the Bible in Syria?

A prayer for Syria

Lord God, who restores our lives and lifts us up from the depths, who wipes away our tears and makes everything new, please place your hand over the people of Syria and the Middle East.

For Bible Society staff who serve with such courage, we ask for your protection. For Bible Society staff and other trauma healing volunteers, we ask for wisdom and strength. For those carrying the emotional scars of war, we pray for healing.

Restore minds and relationships. Bring hope and comfort. Rebuild lives and families.
Through Jesus’ name, we pray. Amen.

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Healing for the traumatised

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