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China - Outreach

Provide Scriptures for disadvantaged people in China

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Will you support Bible Society to provide Scripture materials for the needy, including the sick, those hit by natural disasters, the less well off, and the physically disabled, as well as outreach, especially to the young? With your help, this project will put Scripture material into the hands of at least 360,000 needy people, strengthening believers and reaching those who still do not know our Lord Jesus, giving them a hope and a future.

A national survey in 2006 calculated that there are 82.96 million disabled people in China. They need access to God’s word in a suitable format such as braille, audio or video or text message.

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The outreach aspect of the programme involves giving out specially designed Scripture booklets during festive seasons such as Chinese New Year, Easter and Christmas.

UBS has worked in various provinces to produce pocket-sized Scripture portions, some bilingual, so as to attract young adults and youth who are interested in learning English.

According to official Chinese 2015 statistics, there are 470 million young people aged between 15-29 (almost 20 times the entire population of Australia!)

Suicide is the top cause of death among Chinese young people, according to China’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. As a result, there is an urgent need to reach out to the young in China.

Help us make sure no one in China is cut off from God’s word.

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China - Outreach

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If the appeal is oversubscribed or the project changes due to unforeseen reasons, we will reallocate remaining funds to similar projects.

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